Self-test: Does your vaginal discharge meet the following criteria?

Lead: The vaginal discharge is the secretion from the female vagina. The color and smell of the leucorrhea can reflect whether the female body is healthy. Healthy leucorrhea is slightly sticky, white and odorless. On the contrary, it is an unhealthy leucorrhea. Excessive vaginal discharge If you usually increase the leucorrhea for no reason, or with changes in color, texture, and smell, you should be vigilant. Common causes of increased vaginal discharge are: 1. When suffering from fungal vaginitis, the leucorrhea is yellow or white, most of the texture is thick, sometimes it can be thin, and the typical leucorrhea is like bean curd or milk clot; The leucorrhea of ​​trichomonas vaginitis is a thin pus-like, yellowish color, with foam, or like rice bran water, grayish white, leucorrhea smelly; 3, cerebral erosion when the leucorrhea is generally yellow, sticky like purulent, more tasteless; 4, gonorrhea leucorrhea is yellow pus-like; 5, suffering from endometritis and other pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginal discharge will also increase, color yellow, thin, with abdominal pain; 6, suffering from fallopian tube cancer, due to tumor stimulation of fallopian tube Epithelial exudate and necrosis of diseased tissue, there will be watery leucorrhea, continuous. Too little vaginal discharge If the vaginal discharge of women of childbearing age is reduced to meet the physiological needs of people, so that patients often feel dry and discomfort of the vulva, it is a pathological condition, often caused by decreased ovarian function and decreased secretion of sex hormones. Postmenopausal women often feel that the vulva is dry and there is no secretion in the vagina. This is a normal phenomenon, because the ovarian atrophy and the secretion of sex hormones are significantly reduced. The leucorrhea color changes, and the color change of the leucorrhea should also attract attention. Generally, the vaginal discharge caused by inflammation is multi-colored yellow; the red band refers to the blood-stained or pale pink in the vaginal discharge, which may occur in diseases such as cervicitis, vaginitis, bleeding with ring or cervical cancer. Abnormal leucorrhea prevention and treatment of vaginal discharge abnormalities are mainly from the daily diet and daily living, should control the sexual intercourse, and cause abnormalities caused by infectious diseases. It is recommended to pay attention to develop good hygiene habits, pay attention to the health of menstrual period, pregnancy and puerperium. . Usually pay attention to the towel and basin to be separated from the foot towel and the foot basin. Try to use a squat toilet. When you have to use the seat type, you should also use toilet paper. The toilet paper is wiped from front to back, the underwear is washed frequently, and the sanitary napkin is not used. It can prevent the abnormal occurrence of leucorrhea. Married women should pay more attention to the hygienic habits of sexual life. In addition to cleaning before the same room, they should also urinate and clean the lower body after the same room. Among them, the husband can not be bothered, and two important things must be done: First, the phimosis patients should undergo circumcision as soon as possible. Although the foreskin is too long, it is not necessary to do this operation, but at least in front of the same room. The foreskin is well cleaned; Second, the man cleans the lower body every day, and should pay attention to cleaning the parts that may have sexual contact before the same room. In the diet, eat less spicy and greasy cold products, eat more foods that benefit the spleen and kidney and clear heat and dampness, such as lotus seeds, jujube, yam, coix seed, winter melon, etc. are all conducive to the prevention of leucorrhea abnormalities. Once you find a leucorrhea abnormality, don’t panic, you should find out the cause in time, and prescribe the right medicine. For example, for the treatment of infectious leucorrhea, the first is to promptly eliminate its incentives, trichomonas vaginitis is the most common, you can choose metronidazole (meidazole) tablets; fungal vaginitis genital itch itching, can be used to mold Suppository; bacterial vaginitis can be synergistic sulfonate tablets and so on. Chinese medicine treatment requires dialectical medication, spleen deficiency type should be treated with traditional Chinese medicine for strengthening the spleen and dampness, such as Yudai Pill or ginseng spleen pill; damp heat type should be treated with heat-clearing and moisturizing Chinese medicine, such as treatment tape or two Miao San; liver fire type can be used under the bitter gallbladder tablets, Longdan Xiegan pill; kidney deficiency type should be used to warm the kidney and yang kidney gas pills.

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