5 sister methods make the rookie unfavorable

When it comes to the girl, from the clumsy rookie to the men who worship today, my heart is naturally very happy. On this path of change, I found that my own understanding of myself is increasing day by day, and naturally I found my own shortcomings. So whether it is a master or a rookie, it is recommended to help them. Insist on improving your personal charisma to increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex. First of all, you must deal with your inner problems. Some people call it “inner game.” I don’t like this because it contains too much. But what do you mean by personal issues? Think about it, do you hate women? Do you want to gain confidence by your sister? Is your “instinct” suppressed by family, religion and culture? Do you feel No one can love themselves as much as they love others? Are you born with flattering people? Are you a stranger? Are you dissatisfied with your work and treatment? Of course, you don’t have to worry about your own personal problems, you can Learn to master the skills. Many people are like this. But this will get you into a dark, unhappy situation that causes many personal conflicts. For example, the first time I read a routine, I used it when I met a girl. But this makes me think that I am a failure, because she likes me because of the practice, she does not like the essence of me. So, let’s deal with your own personal problems first. Please be grateful that you are a man. This is a sensitive topic. You must realize that today’s women have more advantages in life. And tradition tells us: “Men are fancy, and women are single.” Remember to be lucky that you are a man, be careful not to be played by women. This is back to the first article I said. In fact, when men are good, once you have put this attitude in place, you will attract women who truly love you and respect you, not those who just want to take advantage of you. Xiao Bian recommended: Why do Boba women do not like monogamy? How to make her climax in the making of love, continuous image and passion, more opportunities, but the image is more important. The appearance mentioned here refers to the face and body. Do you have a handsome face? Do you have a strong body? (Although this can be modified, but it is really time-consuming and laborious) Your appearance will give you a ticket to your sister. But your image is very easy to change. Shaving, wearing fashion, skin care can give you extra points, even more handsome than many people with hard conditions better than you. Money is important but passion is more important. Honestly, money can improve the quality of life, money can let you know more sisters, have more affair and spring. But passion – doing what you really want to do can give you more charm and energy. So when you are committed to putting the girl in the game, no Forget about adding passion, it will make your life more interesting and simple. The sister rules do not guarantee that any of the above suggestions will help your life, but there is no guarantee of a fairytale romantic ending. Recently, I met two people, all of whom were graduates from prestigious universities. One of them was very handsome, but in the end it was nothing. Everyone has used conventions, from structured games to natural flow, and even those who have never heard of a girl game. Is there such an experience, the same story told two girls? This is the practice, so don’t feel guilty. Once you have digested the above, you can use these principles at will. Think of this as a suggestion, think about which method is right for you and use it. It doesn’t matter if you see someone else succeeding in a little bit of envy. Take a look at their methods and strategies. But don’t fall into the wrong zone. There are no hundred masters in the world. Remember that there are exceptions to anything you have learned or are about to learn. Some may bring you a lot of lovely women! Have you ever heard such a story? A successful career, a handsome man who woos a woman, but has been rejected many times, finally got a date with a girl, watching a movie Opportunity? Guess what you like: Inappropriate sexual intercourse induces sudden death, chest, detonation, pleasure, more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network gender channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn

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