Sharing the “new rules” of successful dating

There are many factors at work for men and women dating. The performance at the time of dating is a big part of it. With the development of the times, the ways and rules of dating should also be improved to adapt to the current era. The successful experience of the past may not be suitable for today’s era. The following small series will share some “new rules” dating with the times, hoping to help everyone harvest love. When dating, women can bring their own delicious food. They think that they should not eat when they are dating. Of course, this is mostly a request for women. Ladies are not eating in front of outsiders. But modern gender relations experts believe that food is very sexy. Men like dating people to order food with themselves, enjoy food together, eat and talk, it is easy to communicate feelings and resonate. Therefore, when dating, women can also bring their own delicious food, which can make men feel good about you. Of course, the premise is: you must first figure out his taste. Xiao Bian recommended: Tips and tricks in the mind of the goddess 10 details to improve the success rate of the blind date The woman can also take the initiative to attack the old view that the woman should be reserved, do not take the initiative to men, not to call the man first. The modern view is that women can also take the initiative. Women are often obsessed with face, afraid of being rejected, or afraid that the man says that he is not reserved. In fact, men are also “fear” when they are in contact with women. If it feels right, women should also take the opportunity to take the initiative to call the man, which can greatly increase the chances of success and make the relationship suddenly warm. Looking for love must also have plans to prepare for the old view that the other half is there, don’t worry, he (she) will always appear. The modern view holds that romantic encounters are often scenes in movies, too illusory. In real life, looking for true love should be proactive. There is a saying that “opportunity always leaves a prepared person.” Women must always maintain the most beautiful state, because you don’t know when, you may encounter your own Mr. Right. And if you don’t know how to dress up and make yourself guilty, then even if you meet someone you like, it’s easy to miss the good. Don’t be too constrained in the past. The date should not mention marriage, politics or money. The modern view is that there should be no so-called taboo topics. It is very “sexy” to be able to talk about a topic and start an “informal debate” or a collision of thoughts. It is easier to get closer to each other. In fact, the key is to look at each other’s attitude. If you mention a topic and the other party is not interested, then don’t ignore it, and if the other party mentions it, you may wish to communicate with the other party. Remember, the key is communication, not a single person, and don’t talk silently. Guess what you like: One night sex considerations how to take a sip. Women more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network two sex channels:

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