Fight the foundation of love and make sex more

Sex is happy and satisfying. Therefore, I believe that many people who have experienced have received sexual gratification. However, your sexual gratification is divided into many levels. If you simply satisfy the sensuality, you will gradually become sexually active. Losing interest, only to achieve the highest level of sexual satisfaction, can promote sex. The emotional process is the emotional level. The two sides do not need a real sexual process. Even a hint of compliment and praise or an unmistakable love can make the woman feel beautiful and happy. The so-called red (blue) Yan Zhiji and the seniors of the old man. The foundation of love is the relatives and contacts of the two sides with a certain degree of physical establishment based on the relationship between the two sides. Limited conditions or various rules and regulations do not necessarily have substantial development, and the woman is also happy. Satisfaction is the level of sex. The two sides not only have feelings, but also have physical and substantive sexual love. It can be described as a three-dimensional blend of body and mind. However, women may only have primary pleasure and no orgasm. Even so, women are slightly sorry. In fact, I am still satisfied. After all, I saw the love of the man, and the other side did work hard. Although there is no hot orgasm ending in this kind of sex, there is no peak feeling of flying to the cloud, but it is enough to make the woman radiant, moisturize the skin, and bring about a certain degree of pleasure and fitness outside the body and beauty. Therefore, the use of the oscillator does not necessarily have to achieve the ultimate goal of climax, it can also be said to play a good role in promoting the fitness and beauty of the woman. Xiaobian recommended: User recommended The secret of love and love that makes you want to go to heaven: the second level of sexual orientation of the second climax is the high-quality sex, the two sides truly and thoroughly achieve the integration of mind and body, and the two must be dedicated to the woman. There is no side to heart, of course, we must be unprepared, and the body must be “dancing” in order to achieve the bloody boil, paving the way for the smooth progress of sexual response and the arrival of orgasm. Under such a good premise, the presence or absence of an oscillator is probably irrelevant. Therefore, whether women’s subjective initiative and enthusiasm can be fully mobilized is a key factor in whether women can get sexual satisfaction as they please, and must not be careless. It is a pity that many women in real life are bound by a variety of negative factors and can’t extricate themselves. They only know that they are passively waiting or giving the initiative of sexual response and sexual satisfaction to their opponents. A harmonious and happy sex life will surely drift away, and the rest is just endless depression and pain. The fifth level of the highest realm should be the unity of heaven and man, self-cultivation, and enlightenment to a certain realm, that is, the sea of ​​rivers and rivers, the capacity is big, the walls are thousands of miles, the point of no desire is just, the masturbation, the flesh, the Tiani 2 are not needed, physical nipple stimulation, all by mind and imagination can let sexual energy flow naturally in the body, to achieve a round-trip in the body, “thinking things”, at most with some hints or assistance from the language. In the end, the integration of body, mind and spirit will be realized, and a virtuous circle will be formed. Without excessive fatigue of the body and no needless loss of sexual energy, this is the ultimate goal of sexual cultivation. Therefore, Tiani 2 will not be addictive, not a drug, and it will not be able to stick to it. Tiani 2 is not just for climax, but also for primary needs and fitness and beauty, so the benefits of Tiani 2 are many. Guess what you like: woman fascinated sex skills woman erosive hot sex Trail, so the benefits of Tiani 2 are many. Guess what you like: woman fascinated sex skills woman erosive hot sex Trail, so the benefits of Tiani 2 are many. Guess what you like: woman fascinated sex skills woman erosive hot sex

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