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Sex life is the most personal art. For some people, sex life is a routine task; in others, sex is rich and varied, so which sex and skills are best? 1. Role-playing. “Everyone has a lot of sexual fantasies.” If you are in a loyal relationship between men and women, and look forward to some illusions becoming reality, don’t be shy, bold and have a partner to play the “role” you want. It is an important way to keep couples passionate. If you’re not sure where to start, try to test your sexual relationship with your partner, pretending to be a stranger. This can help people experience the other side of their lives and do what they usually don’t do but always want to do. 2. Say your needs while doing it. You may know all the vocabulary related to sex, but never dare to say it. Be brave, try to speak out loud while doing it. You can drink some wine to make yourself bolder, tell the other party “You can touch my ass”, “Please let me reach the climax”, you can also say in more detail. Don’t be shy, it will enhance your body’s sensibility. 3. linger in a luxurious place. Studies have shown that sexual excitement increases when people stay in luxury places. For most couples, they don’t have enough money to live a luxurious life every day, so they will be excited when they have the opportunity to be in a luxury hotel. Even if you can’t afford an expensive room in a scenic area, try to find a beautiful, quiet place to linger. 4. A variety of sexual life. It is found that beautiful eyes can discover the existence of beauty, because it is first and foremost fresh to you, and then it is your beauty. Among them, we have seen the characteristics of change, and the fresh sexual position is the specific implementation method of this “change”. During the process of intercourse, you can make changes on time and believe that it will have an unexpected effect. 5. The bathroom “war”. The easiest place to be underestimated is the bathroom. In the bathroom mirror, you can see all the sex process, which will make you want to be strong. Use the tub or toilet to help you make more gestures. You can lit up candles or create some fascinating water vapor during bathing to add spice. 6 Relax and enjoy sex. Sex is not like pushing a opponent like a wrestler. When you wake up on weekends, gently remove your clothes and slowly cuddle with your lover. Try a relaxed, comfortable sex that is very beneficial for decompression and Contact feelings. 7. Caressing tricks should be applied correctly. Girls like to caress, but in the end how to touch, she will be comfortable? There are two kinds of caress: one is the whole body caressing, the other is the massage of the key parts, in fact, the sexy belt growing on the woman is quite a lot. From the scalp to the toes may be her sensitive area. In the process, you should maintain a gentle force, slowly with the index finger and the middle finger of the fingertips, walking up and down the whole body. 8. Concentrate on the release of passion and endurance. Some people in the brain will keep thinking about other irrelevant things in their lives. Remember, your partner is a very sensitive animal, and she will certainly be aware of your distractions. If you can’t do it, can she think about another woman for you? However, some of the deviant sexual fantasies are exceptional, which can increase the enthusiasm of your enthusiasm, may wish to try; but the object is still the one in front of her, So as not to call the wrong name at a time.

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