What is the backache after the incident?

The sexual intercourse was originally designed to meet the physiological needs of both husband and wife. However, when there was a backache after the intercourse, I would not be able to raise my sexual interest when I was in the house again. There are four main reasons for the backache after the accident. Everyone can make their own daily routine. Symptoms, simply judge what causes the backache after your own illness. What is the back pain after the accident? 1. Sexual affairs can cause low back pain. Frequent sexual intercourse can cause low back pain, mainly because the waist activity is too large, causing lumbar muscle strain, causing soreness in the lumbar muscles. Corrective methods should be regular according to physical strength. Sexual life. 2, back pain may indicate the disease In fact, low back pain is a common disease after sex life. When women have cervicitis, they show small abdominal pain and backache symptoms. When the penis is inserted into the cervix, the pain is aggravated; those with cervical polyps will bleed after sexual intercourse. Found that after the sexual intercourse bleeding, should go to the regular hospital for examination, in order to confirm the diagnosis and then according to the doctor’s advice to have sex. If men have prostatitis, they can also cause low back pain after sexual intercourse. They should also be diagnosed. 3, the basis of low climacteric pleasure or orgasm that does not reach the climax is the vascular congestion of the genital organs inside and outside the pelvis. If the internal and external genital organs are stimulated to become congested but have not reached the orgasm release, it may cause low back pain. This is similar to the situation in which some women feel low back pain when they have pelvic congestion, increased libido, and can’t make love during menstruation. 4, interrupted sex can cause low back pain In addition, some couples deliberately interrupt sex when they want to ejaculate in order to prolong their sexual life. From a physiological point of view, interrupting the husband and wife life can make the entire reproductive system and pelvic congestion unable to quickly resolve, the cerebral cortex and spinal cord are still in a state of tension for a long time can not be calm, the attachment organs such as seminal vesicles are not empty. At the same time, the brain is still in a state of excitement, unable to get a good rest, and can cause low back pain in the long run. Although the intercourse is good, you must control the number of times. Otherwise, it will not only affect your life and work, but also cause you to have a backache. Of course, if you can’t reach the climax for a long time, you may have a backache, so you need to improve your sexual skills. The behavior of interrupting sexual life and prolonging the time of the house can also cause people to have a backache. Unexpectedly, these unintentional aspects will lead to back pain.

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