Rabbit meat can’t be aphrodisiac. The m

Rabbit meat can’t be aphrodisiac. The most important thing about aphrodisiac is to improve the blood circulation of the whole body, especially the lower body. Once the blood circulation is poor, blood stagnation causes a disease in some


part of the body, which causes a decrease in human energy and durability. Therefore, it is necessary to take various methods to give the human body appropriate stimulation, so that the body’s metabolism is active and improve blood circulation.

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However, if the fungus is eaten wit

However, if the fungus is eaten with soup, then the cooking time can be a little longer, as long as the fungus does not appear soft and broken.
The fungus is crispy and easy to cook. It is usually cooked in water for 2-3 minutes. It can be cooked until the fungus is cooked. If the time to cook the fungus is too short, it may still make The surface of the fungus carries bacteria, and it may cause indigestion and affect the health of the body.

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Common drugs that have qi effects are:

Common drugs that have qi effects are: ginseng, astragalus, medlar, American ginseng, and Codonopsis.
Almond has the effect of lowering the breath and relieving asthma. Therefore, the consumption of the qi and qi with the effect of qi and qi will affect the efficacy of both, resulting in loss of efficacy.

Almonds are not suitable for consumption with qi medicine.

Invigorating drug

Common hot foods: dog meat, spices, lychee, wine, cinnamon, pepper, lamb, etc.

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The diet that is briefly introduced by the

The diet that is briefly introduced by the experts above can improve the radiation resistance of the computer family! Have you already understood, if you have any questions about daily health care, please continue to pay attention to the health online!
According to the clinical trials of the relevant medical departments, it is confirmed that the mild radiation sickness caused by cancer patients in the course of radiation therapy can be treated with tea extracts with an efficiency read more


Dinner: If you have entertainment,

Dinner: If you have entertainment, eat as much alkaline food as possible: spinach, cabbage, lettuce, radish, potatoes, grapes, apples, milk, etc.
Lunch: Eat more fresh vegetables in the Chinese restaurant, eat less greasy food; choose vegetable salad, mashed potatoes, juice, etc. in foreign fast food restaurants.

Breakfast: Tofu brain or Hu spicy soup with vegetarian dish + meat package + egg 1; vegetable corner, fritters or egg filling cake with soy milk or porridge + egg 1.

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Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of sea salt or rock

Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of sea salt or rock salt and 3 to 4 drops of your favorite essential oil in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Then add it to the footbath that has been filled with warm water to soak your feet. The hot water temperature will not


only relieve the tiredness of the feet. It also makes you relax and comfortable. If you don’t know what oil to choose, it is recommended to use lemon or lemongrass in summer.

6. Coarse salt soaking feet to restore spirit

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With the spine as the midline, hands at

With the spine as the midline, hands at right angles to the spine and move your hands in the opposite direction. Move from the upper end of the back to the buttocks and back to the upper end. Use the index and middle fingers to massage from the tailbone area along the spine to the cervical vertebrae.
4 How to massage a premature baby: back

Grasp the baby’s arm with both hands, alternately squeeze from the upper arm to the wrist, and then roll from top to bottom. The opposite arm practices read more


5, sucking method with a clean finger or a p

5, sucking method with a clean finger or a pacifier to keep the child quiet.

4. The shaking method slightly shakes the child to calm the child.
3, the snoring method imitates the blood flow of the placenta in the mother’s belly, so that the child is familiar and quiet.

2, side or prone method to put the child’s face down, a state of lying slightly, is conducive to the baby’s sleep.

1. We can wrap the child in the way. When the child is awake or stimulated outside, when he read more


4. Do not rinse your baby’s vagina with irritatin

4. Do not rinse your baby’s vagina with irritating liquid. Wash it directly with water.
3, the powder of talcum powder is very easy to enter the vagina from the vaginal opening, or even the internal genitalia, so it is best for girls not to have a body puff, you can choose liquid talcum powder, such as pigeon peach water.
2. Prepare her special basin and towel for the baby. Don’t share it with adults.

1. After using the wet tissue, follow the principle of “from the back to the read more


  Chinese medicine believes that walnuts are

Chinese medicine believes that walnuts are sweet, warm, and enter the kidney, lung, and large intestine. Walnut has high value for medicinal purposes. It has the functions of strengthening stomach, nourishing blood, moistening the lungs,


nourishing the gods, prolonging life and so on. It can be widely used to treat hypertension, neurasthenia, coronary heart disease, emphysema, stomach pain and so on. It is especially suitable for people who are dry and faceless because of lack of blood and read more