Lin Xinru went to Zambia to visit the funded children to complete her wish.

According to Taiwan media reports, Lin Xinru arrived in Zambia, Africa on May 15 to visit local vulnerable families and children. She will also meet with Elidah, a Zambian girl who has been sponsoring for four years. She is happy and said: “It is like fulfilling a wish in the heart. I believe that this caring guild is a meaningful journey.” In 2004, he began to fund children through the World Vision of Taiwan. He has sponsored children from Vietnam and Congo. He currently supports read more


“The Legend of the New White Snake” 鞠婧祎 模仿 模仿 杨 杨 杨 杨 杨 杨 杨 杨 杨 杨

I also took photos of my white lady in Weibo, and also wrote the article “First time meeting, here is the newcomer Xiaobai, Bai Suzhen.” At the beginning of May, there was news that the “New White Snake Legend” will start shooting, but the crew is low-key, there is no hype, and it is only today that I saw the whole picture. However, many netizens still have a skeptical attitude towards the remake of “The Legend of New White Lady”, and feel that this drama read more


Li Chen sent Fan Bingbing’s 520 gift to this wave of dog food to guess that two people are close

Star network information, yesterday 520, Fan Bingbing wrote on the Internet that the gift was really happy! Originally, Li Chen sent a flower cake to Fan Bingbing in addition to 520, and also sent a green custom handbag. The front and back of the handbag are kittens raised by two people. Two initials are printed on the zipper of the handbag. The netizen commented that “the big black cow is so romantic!” “I wish you two happiness!” “Big baby! 520 happy! Happy every read more


Fan Yi’s first personal variety show was deleted after the debut? The program group denied

Fan Wei and the little girl interactive network broke the news Fan Wei, Ouyang Nana clip was deleted star network information, tonight will broadcast “Running” Fan Wei joined the program, this is the first individual variety show after Fan Wei debut. Other guests include Wang Haodan and Ouyang Nana. On the Internet, Fan Yu and Ouyang Nana said that because of their underage, “Running” will be deleted. Zhejiang Satellite TV said that there is no such thing. “Fan read more


The strategic cooperation between China Internet News Center and the National Peking Opera Theatre promotes the development of Beijing Opera art

On May 31, the China Internet News Center (China Network) and the National Peking Opera Theatre Strategic Cooperation Conference were held at the Beijing Meilanfang Grand Theatre. This is a useful attempt by the China Internet News Center and the National Peking Opera Theatre to realize the creative transformation and innovative development of traditional culture with the concept of digital technology. In the future, the two sides will conduct diversified attempts and innovations in the digitalization read more


Goddess Shu Qi clothes anti-wear self-timer was Peng Yuzhen dismantling Taiwan is really straight male cancer is no doubt

Star network information, May 30, Shu Qi tanned self-portrait, in the photo, Shu Qi wearing a red and white baseball cap, holding a chin in one hand, eyes teasing playful, very charming. Interestingly, Shu Qi’s pink jacket seems to be worn out, but she herself stressed that “the clothes are really not worn,” and they want to cover them. As a good friend, Peng Yuxi can’t stand it, reminding: “The clothes are really worn out!” Shu Qi’s “Shaojiao” said: read more


Common drugs that have qi effects are:

Common drugs that have qi effects are: ginseng, astragalus, medlar, American ginseng, and Codonopsis.
Almond has the effect of lowering the breath and relieving asthma. Therefore, the consumption of the qi and qi with the effect of qi and qi will affect the efficacy of both, resulting in loss of efficacy.

Almonds are not suitable for consumption with qi medicine.

Invigorating drug

Common hot foods: dog meat, spices, lychee, wine, cinnamon, pepper, lamb, etc.

Almonds are warm in nature. When read more


4. Do not rinse your baby’s vagina with irritatin

4. Do not rinse your baby’s vagina with irritating liquid. Wash it directly with water.
3, the powder of talcum powder is very easy to enter the vagina from the vaginal opening, or even the internal genitalia, so it is best for girls not to have a body puff, you can choose liquid talcum powder, such as pigeon peach water.
2. Prepare her special basin and towel for the baby. Don’t share it with adults.

1. After using the wet tissue, follow the principle of “from the back to the read more


Tips: Although the hawthorn is good, you have to control th

Tips: Although the hawthorn is good, you have to control the amount of food, especially the immature hawthorn to eat less.

Use dried hawthorn 10g, rose 10g, and make tea together. It has the functions of promoting digestion, beauty and regulating menstruation. At the same time, for women’s qi physique, nausea and nausea, it also has a good improvement, playing a calming, soothing, anti-depressant role.

7. Improve female stagnation

In the “The Sketch Book”, Hawthorn can treat “dysentery read more


There are many reasons for ejaculation too fast, the

ejaculation is too fast is one of the troubles of many men, will affect the couple’s sexual life, then why ejaculation is too fast? There are many reasons for ejaculation too fast, the following are the 8 reasons why men ejaculate too fast, male friends can Be alert. Reason 1: Premarital sex is somewhat green…

  Ejaculation too fast is one of the troubles of many men, it will affect the couple’s sexual life, so why is ejaculation too fast? There are many reasons for ejaculation read more